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to Ponder

“I Indeed. . . But He”
by Oswald Chambers

Have I ever come to the point in my life where I can say, “I indeed…but
He…”? Until that moment comes, I will never know what the baptism of
the Holy Spirit means. I indeed am at the end, and I cannot do anything
more— but He begins right there— He does the things that no one else
can ever do. Am I prepared for His coming? Jesus cannot come and do His
work in me as long as there is anything blocking the way, whether it is
something good or bad. When He comes to me, am I prepared for Him to
drag every wrong thing I have ever done into the light? That is exactly
where He comes. Wherever I know I am unclean is where He will put His
feet and stand, and wherever I think I am clean is where He will remove
His feet and walk away.

Repentance does not cause a sense of
sin— it causes a sense of inexpressible unworthiness. When I repent, I
realize that I am absolutely helpless, and I know that through and
through I am not worthy even to carry His sandals. Have I repented like
that, or do I have a lingering thought of possibly trying to defend my
actions? The reason God cannot come into my life is that I am not at
the point of complete repentance.

“He will baptize you with the
Holy Spirit and fire.” John is not speaking here of the baptism of the
Holy Spirit as an experience, but as a work performed by Jesus Christ.
“He will baptize you….” The only experience that those who are baptized
with the Holy Spirit are ever conscious of is the experience of sensing
their absolute unworthiness.

“I indeed” was this in the past,
“but He” came and something miraculous happened. Get to the end of
yourself where you can do nothing, but where He does everything.

Thought for the Day

Matt 3:7-12 John saw many
Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing. He said to
them, "You are like a nest of poisonous snakes! Who warned you to
escape the coming of God's anger? Produce fruit that shows you have
turned away from your sins. Don't think you can say to yourselves,
'Abraham is our father.' I tell you, God can raise up children for
Abraham even from these stones. The ax is already lying at the roots of
the trees. All the trees that don't produce good fruit will be cut
down. They will be thrown into the fire. "I baptize you with water,
calling you to turn away from your sins. But after me, one will come
who is more powerful than I am. And I'm not fit to carry his sandals.
He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. His pitchfork
is in his hand to clear the straw from his threshing floor. He will
gather his wheat into the storeroom. But he will burn up the husks with
fire that can't be put out."


  • The Warning! Revelation is about to be Fulfilled books are being given out in record numbers. There is a renewed interest in end time events due to current world events.
  • Frances: Frances gave out 88
    books in just a few weeks time. She is excited to continue to give them
    away to anyone interested in learning about end time events.
  • Dick & Dottie: Truly God is using you as his conduits, tunnels and tools
    to alert, prepare, awaken and bless so many of us who are watching for
    the coming day of the Lord. The 5 minute presentations by Larry are so
    timely, clear and convincing. It's truly amazing how you are using the
    latest technology to present God's final warning message in such a
    simple & understandable way. In Christian love & appreciation.

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