Wake Up America Seminars

  • Questions Answered About The Trinity

    Monotheism Versus Tritheism Many Christians have different perspectives about the Trinity and the role of the Holy Spirit, so I decided to dedicate this Wake Up Report! to my understanding of this topic. Questions regarding the Trinity have long roots in Christian history and Christian views are widely divided on the nature and properties of

  • The Times of the Gentiles

    Recently, I received a very interesting question that deserves serious study. The question was, "What did Jesus mean in Luke 21:24 when He said, ‘Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled?’ " The background for this question is very interesting and for most readers, the outcome

  • The Cadillac Prayer

    Several years ago I met a man who was angry with God. Jesus had refused to answer his prayer. Curious, I asked the man about his unanswered prayer. He said, "I prayed for five years that Jesus would give me a new Cadillac and He didn’t." He wasn’t joking. Seeing that he was rather bitter,