The Saints

  • Why Does God Permit Persecution?

    "Mr. Wilson: I recently came across your website. Your article on the rapture is a challenge. I have been 100% convinced of a pre-tribulation rapture for more than twenty years, but in recent weeks my confidence in this doctrine is not as secure as it once was. Your article raised some good questions that I

  • Will Sinners Burn in Hell for Eternity?

    " Dear Larry Wilson: I came across your website a few weeks ago and I have enjoyed many of your Bible studies. You have cleared up some questions that I have had for a long time, but some of your teachings frustrate me because they are in obvious error. I don't understand how a Bible

  • Two Common Bible Questions

    WUAS receives many questions in the mail each week. If several letters repeat the same question, then I like to respond to them in the Day Star and hope the response can benefit all our readers. This month, I have chosen two questions. Keep in mind my answers are summary responses and are not exhaustive