the Great Tribulation

  • The Great Tribulation

    The great tribulation is a period of time in end time prophecy that most Christians believe will occur before Jesus returns to take His people to Heaven.  The events of the great tribulation cause many people to die.  These events include prophetic events like the seven seals and seven trumpets.  Christians disagree about the timing

  • Bible History and End Time Prophecy Timeline

    This video series covers a chart showing historical events since creation and future events culminating in the creation of the new earth.  Because there is historical evidence showing the relationship of prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, a framework shows the alignment of five prophecies in Daniel and twelve prophecies in Revelation. Link: Bible History and End

  • Warning! Revelation is about to be fulfilled – Audio Version

    Many people have requested that an audio version of the book WARNING! Revelation is about to be fulfilled be made available if possible. You can now download or listen to the book!

  • What Why When – The Timing of End Time Events

    This short video series is an overview of the seven trumpets and the timing of end time events. Link: What Why When Charts Accompanying Video Chart 1 | Chart 2 | Chart 3 | Chart 4 Click the video above to watch the first video in the this series.  If you wish to watch the other

  • Has the Time Come to "Run for the Hills?"

    From time to time the staff receives phone calls and emails asking, "Has the time come to ‘run for the hills?’ " I have no doubt that many people would like to escape the stresses and demands of life by "running for the hills," but this article will focus on the serious side of this