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  • Where Was God in Aurora?

    A day or two after the Aurora, Colorado massacre on July 21, 2012, Stephen Prothero, a religious blogger at CNN, teased CNN readers by transposing Pope Benedict’s 2006 question from, "Where was God during Auschwitz?" to "Where was God in Aurora?" A few days later, Prothero indicated on his blog that seven basic answers could

  • Thoughts on Bible Prophecy and Coming Events

    The prophecies written in the books of Daniel and Revelation describe a sequence of events spanning a period of approximately 3,500 years. Several prophecies began unfolding during the fifth century B.C. and we have been able to observe their chronological fulfillment over the past 2,600 years. It is the consistent and precise fulfillment of apocalyptic

  • Eternal Security and Dinosaurs

    "Dear Mr. Wilson: 1. I have been taught that once a person is saved, he cannot be lost. Do you believe in eternal security? – Robyn 2. – The devil was once a perfect angel, but he fell. What would stop a Christian in eternity from taking the same path as the devil? – Michelle

  • Submit to My Husband or God?

    "Dear Mr. Wilson: I am in a difficult situation. About two years ago a coworker gave me a copy of your little book, Warning! Revelation is about to be fulfilled. Your explanation of the seven trumpets, the full cup principle and God’s Sabbath rest made sense to me. I cannot explain the impact this little

  • Will Sinners Burn in Hell for Eternity?

    " Dear Larry Wilson: I came across your website a few weeks ago and I have enjoyed many of your Bible studies. You have cleared up some questions that I have had for a long time, but some of your teachings frustrate me because they are in obvious error. I don't understand how a Bible