• Sunday is not Sacred

    To be as clear as possible, I would like to begin by defining a term with roots in the sixteenth century which is rarely used today: “salvific faith.” I understand that salvific faith occurs when a person is prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something that is right and honorable in God’s sight, even

  • Five Essential Bible Truths

    This is a discussion with Letty Kincaid on the five essential Bible doctrines. These five doctrines are: Salvation by Faith The State of the Dead The Sanctuary The Sabbath The Second Coming The five "S's" are fundamentally important because the books of Daniel and Revelation build upon these key doctrines. If these five doctrines are

  • Preparation for Great Tribulation

    "Dear Mr. Wilson: A few weeks ago I discovered your free book offer on the internet. I received your book, Warning! Revelation is about to be fulfilled and I'm not sure that "thank you" is an appropriate response. Your book has created a deep stirring within me that is hard to explain and difficult to

  • Moses and the Mark of the Beast

    The Moses Murder Mystery The life of Moses could be divided into three distinct segments of 40 years each: The first segment began with his birth and ended with him murdering an Egyptian taskmaster. The next segment began when Moses escaped from Egypt and ended when he returned to Egypt. The final segment of his

  • Observing the Sabbath Day

    Interest and awareness is growing around the world that Saturday, the seventh day of the week, is God's holy Sabbath. (Gen 2:1-3; Exo 20:8-11; Heb 4:9,10) Within recent months, I have received numerous letters asking, "I want to keep the Sabbath. How should it be observed?" I have also received letters from people who have