• The Seven Seals

    The book of Revelation describes a scene in Heaven and the Father is holding a book (scroll) sealed with seven seals. (Revelation 5:1)  Bible expositors describe in great detail each of the seals because of John’s description of each seal.  However, much less information is available about the contents of the book other than John's description

  • Predestination and Free Will are Partners

    The Bible contains many apparent conflicts and some of these were discussed in the July, September, and October Wake Up Reports. This month we will consider another textual conflict. This conflict can be resolved so that all Bible passages are harmonious, but the resolution does not come easy. I would like to begin this article by

  • Questions About the Seven Seals

    Q. I have many questions about the Seven Seals in Revelation. Can you tell me how you understand them in simple terms? LW. A common mistake made by Bible students who study the seven seals is to innocently disconnect the subject of the seven seals from the "book" that is sealed with the seven seals!