• Bible Stories with End Time Parallels – Audio Version

    Bible stories often have meanings beyond the original text.  The audio reading of the book by Larry Wilson provides end time insight into the stories of Bible characters.  

  • John the Baptizer – Cousin of Jesus

    John the Baptist is not the Apostle John In the previous issue of Day Star, we found several end-time parallels in the story of Elijah. This month we will examine the life of John the Baptist where we will also find two interesting end-time parallels. It is fitting that we examine John'’s life after studying

  • Elijah's Legacy – A Twist in the Story

    Is it my imagination? I don’t think so! Lately, Satan has apparently intensified his attack on God’s creation. Disease and tragedy is rampant, causing great hardship and heartache for the entire human race. No family on Earth has escaped the sickening consequences of sin’s raging scourge. People’s serious or sad expressions and drooping shoulders often