• An Outline of End Time Events Video Series

    This video series tells what Bible prophecy has to say about upcoming prophetic events. The first event to occur will be a global earthquake and disastrous events will occur through Jesus' second coming.  Follow the series to find out the order of events from the first trumpet until New Jerusalem returns and the Earth is

  • The Seven Trumpets

    The seven trumpets are a series of events that the apostle John described beginning in Revelation 8. Students of Bible prophecy have differing viewpoints regarding the timing of the trumpets and whether they should be viewed as symbolic or literal. The four generally held views are preterist, idealist, historicist, and futurist. The preterist view is

  • All Shook Up!

    (Earthquakes – Part 2) In the May Day Star, I provided an overview of the causes for most earthquakes. Earthquakes typically are the result of shifting tectonic plates due to faults that exist below the Earth’s surface. The three primary types of faults are called extensional, transform and compression faults. (For a detailed explanation see

  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll

    (Part 1) Listen! The rumble sounds like a train going by, but then . . . the chair you are sitting in begins to rock like a rocking chair, but you are not in a rocking chair. The noise increases to a dull roar and objects around you begin to rattle and move. The motion