• Is the King James Version the Best Translation?

    Dear Friends: I made a comment in the February 2008, Wake Up Report, “Did Jesus Claim to be God?” that the NIV (New International Version) translation of the Bible was my favorite study Bible.  That comment has prompted several letters from people who are concerned that I am using a defective and errant translation of

  • Should Sinners Shun Sinners? (Part 2) – Immoral Behavior

    First article in series… Shunning Immoral Behavior Previously, we examined several references in the Bible showing situations where shunning may be appropriate. For example, God required that people be ostracized for sexually immoral behavior. (Leviticus 18:29; Revelation 2:14, 20; 1 Corinthians 5:11) God’s commands are for our benefit even if we do not understand His

  • Did Jesus Claim to Be God?

    "Dear Mr. Wilson: I have been studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) for several weeks and I am confused. I am not a good Bible student even though I have attended various Pentecostal churches for about 20 years. As you probably know, JW prefer to use their own Bible because they say other versions of the