• The Sacrificial Harley

    Have you ever wondered why Jesus lived thirty years on Earth before He was crucified? He could have descended from the sky on Thursday, been captured and put to death on Friday, and resurrected and taken to Heaven on Sunday, but the Father had a much bigger plan! He willed that Jesus should come to

  • Facing Two Tomorrows

    "Dear Mr. Wilson: Do you still think the Great Tribulation will begin in 2011? More and more, I feel uneasy about world conditions and my fear of the future has changed my way of life. My wife also believes the end is near, but she wants to hurry up and do everything that she has

  • How Does a Person Become Demon Possessed?

    "Dear Mr. Wilson: I have been watching your video seminars on the web. Thank you for making them available for free! A few days ago I was watching a segment on Revelation and I heard you say that predatory violence is the clearest evidence of demonic possession. Maybe it's just me, but after hearing you

  • Eternal Security and Dinosaurs

    "Dear Mr. Wilson: 1. I have been taught that once a person is saved, he cannot be lost. Do you believe in eternal security? – Robyn 2. – The devil was once a perfect angel, but he fell. What would stop a Christian in eternity from taking the same path as the devil? – Michelle

  • What is Next? (Conclusion)

    First article in series… Note: This Wake Up Report! concludes my response to a question that was asked last month. (Read it by selecting this link.) The essence of John’s question was: "I would like to know, prophetically speaking, what is next? One expert says something and another expert says something else. Please break this