• What is Wake Up America Seminars?

    This is our final issue for the year 2000 and since we have added many new subscribers to our newsletter mailing list, we thought it was a good time to share information with our readers about Wake Up America Seminars and to say "Thank You" for your support. What Are We? Wake Up America Seminars

  • Parallels From History – King Solomon

    When King Solomon died, his young son, Rehoboam, succeeded him to the throne. If Solomon was the wisest man to ever live, his son certainly did not inherit his Father’s intelligence. According to some estimates, Solomon’s magnificent empire was sustained by taxes exceeding 50% of the Gross National Product! In addition to this, the people

  • Biblical Jubilee Chart Illustration

    This is a Biblical time chart of the Jubilee Calender for better visual understanding:

  • Israel's Prophetic Destiny In End-Times

    I have received many letters asking about the role of Israel during the Great Tribulation. This issue of Day Star contains a summary of my conclusions on this topic. Yes, Israel will play a very important role during the end-time. But, as a political entity, the nation of Israel will experience the Great Tribulation just

  • Put Your Face to the Wind

    You Can't Predict the Weather On July 13, 1995 most people boating on Lake St. Clair, near Detroit, Michigan, did not anticipate the storm that was about to ravage the area. Even the weather meteorologists were surprised by the turn of events. In just minutes, foreboding black clouds rolled and swirled, spewing huge lightning strikes