• Faith, Perseverance, and Courage

    As we come to the end of 1997, this December newsletter is the 90th issue – eight years of publishing Day Star. As we rush toward another new year, it dawns with many golden opportunities. We are excited as we wait for the commencement of the Great Tribulation to begin any day and our commitment

  • Inspiration or Exasperation

    Who Speaks for God? For Bible students, the subject of inspiration can be a big can of worms. Almost every "religious argument" is founded on the concept of inspiration, even though each person debating may be completely unaware of it. Every church has taken a position on this topic even though they may not inform

  • Joy, Joy – My Heart is Full of Joy

    In our world, "negative stressors" have become a very natural part of life. As true as that may be, these negative stressors are unnatural and unhealthy. Negative stress destroys the body and causes emotions to crack – far from the existence God originally intended for His children. Regrettably, no one is immune from negative stress

  • The Presence of Apparitions

    (Follow-up by Marty Purvis) (The Ramp Down to Spiritism) I have a newspaper article dated December 20, 1996 from the Huntsville Times (Huntsville, Alabama). The article includes a 5×7 inch four-color photo of a black glass building that houses the Seminole Finance Corporation in Clearwater, Florida (just off U.S. Highway 19). In the photo, a

  • The Whole Truth

    During the past few weeks, I have been thinking about several things, especially about the properties of truth and I cannot contain myself any longer. So, this article will be a brief departure from my usual Bible study because a few statements about the properties of truth and its effect (or lack thereof) on people