• WUAS Buys New Web Site + Updates!

    The January issue of the Day Star included a section about WUAS' activities on the internet. There have been a number of new and exciting things happening in the past five months and we want to share a number of them with you. We have continued to develop our worldwide web page. The most exciting

  • Asteroid Update! Scientists Worried About Asteroids

    On March 19, 1996, this article appeared in the French newspaper “Le Soir.” The “Le Soir” is considered to be a very reputable French newspaper in Belgium. Margriet Fernande-Vandewalle sent this summarized version of the article. “The Council of Europe wants to Study the Asteroids.” Some 2,000 asteroids exist within the vicinity of our planet

  • Hide It Under a Bushel? No!

    The Spring and Summer months are just before us (believe it or not) and it is time to think about booths for county fairs and flea markets. The following story demonstrates what a small study group (Erling and Ada Chavez, Merel and Lillian Cox, Karen Haake and Ben Schrock) has been doing in Avon Park,

  • The 70 Weeks of Daniel 9

    The topic of the 70th week of Daniel 9 is of great interest among evangelical Christians. Currently, many Christians believe the 70th week is about to begin, which will also mark the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Some of them also believe that the Great Tribulation will last seven years, since Daniel 9 alludes to

  • How Faith Grows

    How Faith Grows Editor's note: Two month's ago I wrote an article entitled “Which Path Do You Choose?” (Day Star, February, 1996). I planned to write a follow-up article about how faith grows. However, Randy Feuilly of Durango, Colorado submitted this article and I do not believe I can improve on it. What is faith?