Jesus The Alpha and The Omega – Case Special

Bible Study with Larry Wilson
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Publish Date: May, 2017
Last Updated: April 23, 2018
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Case of 32 damaged books.



While supplies last!


Just $17 per case!

Hurry! Only 20 cases left!

After many years of storage, these books began to stick to each other.  When they are pulled apart, some of the ink comes of the covers leaving light speckles on the book.  The material inside is perfectly fine.

We are selling these books for the cost of mailing them to you.  We would rather you have a missionary opportunity than just recycle the books.

Buy a 32 book case for just $17.00

Foundational Studies on Salvation

A Compelling look at Jesus' character, ministry and example. He speaks for the Godhead – He is the Word of God! Everything we need to know about God is revealed in Jesus.

He is . . . The Alpha and The Omega!
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