A Study on the Seven Trumpets, Two Witnesses, and Four Beasts

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Publish Date: July, 2016
Last Updated: May 4, 2017
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This book explains, with textual support, the seven trumpets, two witnesses, and four beasts of Revelation.

Case of 34 books.

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This book explains, with relevant texts from the Bible, the events of the Seven Trumpets, the beasts of Revelation, and the Two Witnesses.  The Seven Trumpets are prophetic events that will devastate the world and its inhabitants.  Understanding these events will make us appreciate God's plan to save as many people on Earth as possible.  The lamb-like beast, the Lamb, the dragon-like beast, and the dragon are explained in simple terms.  Over the centuries, Bible students have had many explanations of the two witnesses.  Read about the appearance of the two witnesses, their relationship to the end time story,  and their ultimate deaths.

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