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Publish Date: September, 2013
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To some people, the idea that Jesus is the Archangel, Michael, who is depicted in the Old Testament Scriptures, seems utterly impossible. Some feel that if this is true, then this would make Jesus a created being and less than deity. Some religious groups do not accept the deity of Christ and at times use this teaching to prove that Christ is not equal to Jehovah God. Still, there is ample proof from God's Word that the Personage known as "Michael, the Archangel" can be identified as our Lord Jesus, without detracting from His divinity. Let's examine from the Bible the pieces of the puzzle point by point.


When Jesus was born in human flesh through the virgin, Mary, the prophetic utterances of the Holy Spirit gave Him many appropriate names. A few of these are:

Immanuel (God is with us) – Matthew 1:23

Jesus (Savior) – Matthew 1:21

Lamb of God – John 1:29

Christ (Messiah, anointed One or King) – John 1:41

The Bible also reveals that the devil's name was "Lucifer" before he rebelled against God. After being thrown out of Heaven, Lucifer acquired a new name called "Satan." (Isaiah 14:12 and Revelation 12:9) Since we know Jesus existed throughout the ages of eternity long before coming as a babe to Bethlehem, it is logical to assume that He, too, had some Heavenly name before His earthly experience.


In Biblical times, names were regarded as profoundly important. Nearly every name had a meaning. A few examples will illustrate this point:

El (these letters in a name pertained to God)

Elijah (my God is Jehovah)

Daniel (judgment of God)

Gabriel (man of God)

Michael (one who is like God)

Unless our intention is to be blasphemous, we must recognize that no one is like God

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