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Commentary on Daniel and Revelation Prophecy

The new commentary on Daniel and Revelation is complete. We would like to sincerely appreciate everyone who provided comments about the book. Due to your efforts, many errors were removed before the book went to press.

Jesus' Final Victory Complete eBook Text (in pdf)

Individual Segments

From Creation to New Earth

Wordless Bible Prophecy Study

A new study series about scriptural topics designed for in-depth Bible study.

The Trinity (Father & Son) – Part 1 | iPad version

The Trinity (Holy Spirit) – Part 2 | iPad version

Who is Michael | iPad version

Who are the 144,000? | iPad version

Timing of the Great Tribulation | iPad version

Soul Sleep | iPad version

Mark of the Beast

Introductory Books

Jesus The Alpha and The Omega – pdf version (entire book)
Bible Stories with End Time Parallels – pdf version (entire book)

Bible Studies on the Book of Daniel

Daniel Unlocked for the Final Generation – pdf version (entire book)

Bible Studies on the Book of Revelation

A Study of the Seven Seals and the 144,000 – pdf version (entire book)
A Study on the Seven Trumpets, Two Witnesses, and Four Beasts of Revelation – pdf version (entire book)

Other Studies of Interest

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Kindle Versions of Books

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