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  • Gog and Magog (Ezekiel's Visions)
    Many Christians misunderstand Ezekiel's prophecies regarding Gog and Magog. Often they erroneously try to tie these prophecies to the rise of the nation of Israel in 1948. This article by Larry Wilson evaluates Ezekiel 35-39 and provides reasons why these chapters cannot apply to current events.
  • Recent Questions
    We often receive questions at the Wake Up America Seminars office regarding current issues. In this article, Larry Wilson responds to questions he is most often asked.
  • Global Report
    Exciting events are happening around the world that allow Revelation's story to be shared. God is miraculously providing ways for the end-time message to be shared in Central Africa and Asia. May your hearts rejoice as you read reports from Benjamin Mukuze and Ellen John, sharing how God continues to open doors for them.


  • Great Balls of Fire
    What would happen if the Earth was impacted by a asteroid?  This month's issue answers many questions about asteroid impacts and their effects upon life on Earth.


  • A New Look at the Two Witnesses - Part 1
    One tremendously important lesson that each Bible student should remember is that as he or she continues to search the scriptures, the Holy Spirit will bring new understanding. This month author Larry Wilson shares with us the results of his reevaluation of the story of the Two Witnesses. To provide additional detail this month, an interlaced outline of Revelation 10 and 11 is included. This interlace incorporates Larry Wilson's current understanding of this important end-time story. Next month, Part Two of this series will provide additional Biblical support for his conclusions.


  • A New Look at the Two Witnesses - Part 2
    In the last issue, Larry Wilson wrote about the story of the Two Witnesses and included an interlaced outline of Revelation 10 and 11. Another important issue about the Two Witnesses is the timing of the story and how it fits into the end-time sequence of events. Larry Wilson's conclusions about the timing of the story of the Two Witnesses are presented.
  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Part 1)
    Revelation 8:5 predicts an event that never has been historically documented a global earthquake. This article by Marty Purvis introduces the current geological understanding of earthquakes and describes how a global earthquake could happen.


  • The Whole Truth
    What are the properties of truth? Does the concept of truth have relevance in today's society? Are there eternal consequences for the "little" decisions that each of us make? In this article, author Larry Wilson addresses the meaning of truth and the eternal consequences of the decisions we make today regarding truth.
  • All Shook Up! (Part 2)
    Throughout history the human race has experience numerous devastating earthquakes. Part 2 of this article by Marty Purvis addresses the history of earthquakes and the impact they have had on prophetic understanding.


  • The Presence of Apparitions (The Ram Down to Spiritism)   . . . Even the Elect
    Television today constantly reminds us of supernatural events and paranormal phenomena. There is an abnormal interest in apparitions of the virgin Mary which seem to be occurring more often in the past decade. Is this significant in relation to end-time events? Larry Wilson addresses issues concerning apparitions and what the Christian response should be to these abnormal manifestations.  As an editorial follow-up, Marty Purvis continues the discussion regarding apparitions. Addressing the mature Christian reader, Marty warns how even the elect will struggle with Satan's deceptions. This article reinforces the fact that the only reliable course is to hold fast to God's word.
  • Joy, Joy My Heart is Full of Joy
    This sinful world has caused much grief for the human race, but as a follower of Christ there is much to be happy about. This article by Shelley Betts provides Biblical reasons why a Christian's life should be a joyful one.


  • Inspiration or Exasperation
    Have you ever heard an evangelist or a pastor say, "the Holy Spirit" told me. . .?" How is it possible to determine if the Holy Spirit truly inspired someone? Many people have claimed to receive special revelations from God, but is the Lord guiding all individuals who make this claim? In this article, Author Larry Wilson provides fresh insight about inspiration. You may be surprised at what you find out.


  • Faith, Perseverance, and Courage
    The birth of the United States of America provides a testimony of faith and courage for many generations. The efforts of John Paul Jones during the American Revolution, illustrate how one man chose to live during difficult times. This article by Larry Wilson affirms that God is in control and gives a number of illustrations of His leading in the birth of Wake Up America Seminars.

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