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  • Letter From Larry Wilson

    Dear Friends of Wake Up America Seminars: I wish I could thank each of you personally for generously supporting this ministry during this past year. Because of your support during 2001, we have been able to freely distribute tens of thousands of books, and hundreds of thousands of brochures and other materials. Strong interest continues

  • WUAS News in Brief

    Free eBook Offer (PDF version) – WARNING! Revelation is about to be Fulfilled It is exciting to see how many people are responding to the free book offer given in the Asteroid Impact brochure. So far, WUAS has processed and mailed over 160,000 brochures in 16 states. Several groups of people have provided the financial

  • Global Report

    It has been some time since Wake Up America Seminars has given a report on a few of the evangelical efforts taking place in other parts of the world. This month we will focus our report on Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia) and India. Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia In a recent telephone conversation with Benjamin Mukuze

  • The Past, Present and Year 2000

    It is good, every now and then, to stop and recount our blessings. By the time you read the December 1998 Day Star, this year will be almost history. So, I would like to share the joy in my heart as I recall the blessings I have received this past year from Day Star readers.