Time Periods

  • Bible History and End Time Prophecy Timeline

    This video series covers a chart showing historical events since creation and future events culminating in the creation of the new earth.  Because there is historical evidence showing the relationship of prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, a framework shows the alignment of five prophecies in Daniel and twelve prophecies in Revelation. Link: Bible History and End

  • The Timing of God's Prophetic Jubilee Calendar

    This new video series uses an in-depth Bible study to present exciting information about the Jubilee Calendar. This calendar began when the Israelites were rescued from Egyptian bondage and continued through A.D. 1994. Key Biblical dates such as Christ's death on the cross, the decree to restore Jerusalem, the death of Sennacherib's army, and the

  • When Did Jesus Die? The Date of Christ's Crucifixion

    This new video series demonstrates why the year that Jesus was crucified could only have been A.D. 30. Using relevant Bible texts and astronomical data, Larry Wilson presents logical reasons why the date can be calculated with such specificity. Watch the videos below to learn more! When Did Jesus Die?   Click the video above

  • Prophecy 4 – The Seventy Weeks

    The Seventy Weeks – Daniel 9:20-27 Beginning Point in Time: 457 B.C. Ending Point in Time: Second Coming of Jesus Summary: The essence of this prophecy can be summarized in a few sentences. While they were exiles in Babylon, God offered the trustees of His covenant (the nation of Israel) a second chance. He granted

  • Appendix A – The Importance of 1994

    “And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets.” (Revelation 8:2) Revelation 8:2 and 1994 For those who are willing to invest the time to study, the following sections explain why I believe that 1994 is the date the seven angels were given the seven trumpets, as