• Lamb's Book | Chapter 4 | Origin of Sin

    Origin of Sin Note:This chapter on the origin of sin represents my “best guess.” Because God is changeless, I have merged Bible facts and parallels from Christ’s life to assemble this story. Even though some aspects of this story are not included in the Bible, I believe there is enough detail in the Bible to

  • Should Sinners Shun Sinners? (Part 2) – Immoral Behavior

    First article in series… Shunning Immoral Behavior Previously, we examined several references in the Bible showing situations where shunning may be appropriate. For example, God required that people be ostracized for sexually immoral behavior. (Leviticus 18:29; Revelation 2:14, 20; 1 Corinthians 5:11) God’s commands are for our benefit even if we do not understand His

  • Should Sinners Shun Sinners? (Part 1) – Church Rejection

    Church Rejection Shunning is a religious practice in which a religious body chooses to socially and emotionally avoid a person or group of people. Shunning can take the form of censure (a person is not permitted to speak openly or hold church office) or it can be as serious as expulsion from membership. If a

  • Our Response to the Holy Spirit Determines Our Eternal Destiny

    “ . . . . Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14) The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) in Washington D.C. estimated in 2011 that a total of 108 billion people have lived on Earth. (See  Since there is no census data on world population for most

  • The Unpardonable Sin? Has God Forsaken Me?

    "Dear Larry Wilson: In June, 2007, I had a spiritual awakening. At the time, I was living with my girlfriend and we enjoyed "the good life." Both of us had good jobs and no obligations. For us, the good life revolved around frequent parties and social drinking (sometimes with heavy drinking). We lived for the