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Some people enjoy watching videos more than reading books or website pages so, in this section of Wake Up America Seminars you can enjoy a sampling of Larry's teachings as they were taken live from previous Bible Study Seminars.

Fort Walton Beach 2016

The 201 Fort Walton Beach seminar series is now available. Videos presented by Larry Wilson on end time events are linked below. In addition, two guest speakers – Paul Lundgrin and Letty Kincaid presented seminars on topics of interest. Click Here to See the List of Videos – Larry Wilson Downloadable charts Larry used in […]

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Bible History and End Time Prophecy Timeline

This video series covers a chart showing historical events since creation and future events culminating in the creation of the new earth.  Because there is historical evidence showing the relationship of prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, a framework shows the alignment of five prophecies in Daniel and twelve prophecies in Revelation. Link: Bible History and End […]

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Recent Dates in Bible Prophecy

This new video series covers prophecies for the book of Daniel and Bible calendars to identify important prophetic dates. Using dates that are established from the Jubilee Calendar and prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, Larry defines important dates that have occurred in the past two centuries. These dates have to do with the judgment of […]

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Video Study on Daniel

The book of Daniel provides a framework for understanding apocalyptic prophecy in the Bible.  Prophecy study requires rules that provide the foundation to provide the correct interpretation of the prophecy. If the rules are not understood, Bible students will not agree on the meaning of the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation. This study of the […]

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The Timing of God's Prophetic Jubilee Calendar

This new video series uses an in-depth Bible study to present exciting information about the Jubilee Calendar. This calendar began when the Israelites were rescued from Egyptian bondage and continued through A.D. 1994. Key Biblical dates such as Christ's death on the cross, the decree to restore Jerusalem, the death of Sennacherib's army, and the […]

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