• Is the King James Version the Best Translation?

    Dear Friends: I made a comment in the February 2008, Wake Up Report, “Did Jesus Claim to be God?” that the NIV (New International Version) translation of the Bible was my favorite study Bible.  That comment has prompted several letters from people who are concerned that I am using a defective and errant translation of

  • Speaking in Tongues

    Many people have asked me what I believe the Bible teaches about the gift of tongues. Some churches teach that speaking in tongues is an affirmation of receiving the Holy Spirit. The Bible provides more information about this interesting subject than most people realize. Speaking in Tongues at Pentecost 1. At the time of the

  • Church Membership is Not Required for Salvation

    I have been asked many times if church membership is required for salvation. The answer is "no." The eternal destiny of each person is determined by his or her response to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Those obeying the Holy Spirit are living by faith. Those refusing to obey His voice are living in

  • Do I Need to be Rebaptized?

    "Mr. Wilson: I was baptized when I was a baby. Do I need to be rebaptized? Sincerely, Brian" "I was baptized when I was 12 and now I am 36. I drifted in and out of various churches until I was 30. My spiritual life today is much improved than when I was baptized. Should

  • How Should Christians Respond to Paul

    Christians have diverse opinions regarding what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 11:1-15. For example, Paul could have been writing that it is a sin for men to wear long hair like women and women to wear short hair like men. Paul’s counsel to the church at Corinth was based on Old Testament principles that superficial