Bible Prophecy

  • Questions about the Historicist Method of Interpretation

    I have spent several years closely studying the historical method of interpretation and its conclusions (historicism) as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church.  In my studies on this topic, I have found some good things and some bad things. The good news is that the SDA church properly recognizes that certain portions of Daniel

  • Bible Prophecy Made Simple

    This presentation provides an introduction to the time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.  Subjects include God's Wrath, the order of prophetic events, God's coming judgments, the seven trumpets, the seven plagues, the image to the beast, the rise of Babylon, the sealing of God's people, and Satan's final great deception. Link: Bible Prophecy Made Simple

  • The Study of Bible Prophecy

    I believe most of the prophetic interpretations we hear on radio or see on television today are wrong. I do not make this statement carelessly or arrogantly for I accept the possibility that I too, could be wrong. In fact, I have been wrong in times past in my understanding of God’s Word and have

  • Advanced Daniel and Revelation Prophecy

    In 2011, Larry Wilson printed a book called Jesus' Final Victory.  This book is a detailed commentary on the apocalyptic prophecies in Daniel and Revelation.  In this video series, Larry reviews and explains each prophecy that is included in the book and how it is tied to the end-time story.  The series assumes that the

  • Introduction to Bible Prophecy

    This book is unlike any book you have read on the subject of apocalyptic prophecy because it is based on a discovery that revolutionizes prophetic interpretation. About thirty years ago, I concluded there were hundreds of different interpretations on Bible prophecy because down through the centuries, expositors have treated Bible prophecy as a work of