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Welcome to the Video portion of the Wake Up America Seminars website.  Video programs are available in three formats. 

YouTube Videos

The most recent videos are available via a link to YouTube.  By clicking on the link, you can go to YouTube where the videos in the series you are watching are all available via links to the previous or subsequent programs.

Flash Player

The next format is Adobe Flash format.  The Flash format is the best for online viewing because the video will start almost immediately after clicking the link.  If Flash is not installed on your computer, you will be directed to a installation site when you click on the movie you want to watch.  Alternatively, you can install the program at this link.  Flash Installation Link

Quicktime - MP4

We also have programs available in mp4 format.  This is what currently is used in Apple Ipods.  The mp4 videos can be watched online using the Quicktime program - see the note below.  However, the video must completely download before you can start watching it.  Because the video is downloaded to your computer, it can also be saved on your computer to watch later.

Important Note! - To watch the mp4 videos, you must download the free Quicktime program at  Once you have installed the program, you can download the video and begin watching it when the file is transferred to your computer.  You can see the video file is downloading by noting a download progress box or a "Q" that comes up on the screen when you click the mp4 link on this page.  If you have a high speed connection, the video takes a maximum of 15 minutes to download.  Click this link for specific download and installation instructions.

The links below connect to programs presenting specific subjects on Bible prophecy.

These programs in DVD and CD format can be ordered by clicking the "On Line Orders" button on the left.

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Click on the links below to see the program description and choose a video to watch.

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