Welcome friends! I have an urgent message for you:

Earth is a spacecraft in trouble (see: Asteroid Impact). Given the population explosion over the past thirty years, our planet's finite resources are dwindling faster than imagined. Famine is a growing concern. Health care is almost non-existent in much of the world. Drinking water is scarce in places. Sexual immorality and sexually transmitted diseases are rampant. Great calamities are taking place more frequently. It's as though the infrastructures of our delicate spacecraft are heading into to a swirling vortex and the final implosion is just before us.

Understanding Revelation and the End Times

Is there a way out of the nightmares we face? Yes! The book of Revelation reveals that Jesus has a plan of rescue. The rescue will be dramatic to say the least. A drama of overwhelming proportion is before us. The climax of the Great Tribulation will be the revealing of Jesus Christ, the only Savior of mankind. Even though many Christians believe the saints will be raptured to Heaven before the Great Tribulation begins, the Bible reveals a much different story. In fact, one of God's purposes for the Great Tribulation is the testing of the living to determine who really is a saint! If salvation comes through faith in Jesus, then a test of faith and loyalty will prove who has faith in Jesus. (See Revelation 6:9-11.)

If you have an interest in the book of Revelation, feel free to request a free copy of our most popular book. You may not agree with everything presented in it, but hopefully, it will shed light on a number of things you may not have previously considered. Like it or not, believe it or not, the end of life as we know it is almost here and we want you and your family to be prepared!

Wake Up America Seminars is not endorsed by or affiliated with any religious denomination. We believe, among other things, that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ and that the Bible is the Word of God. Of course, a lot of Christians say the same thing, but wait until you read how these two beliefs are about to be challenged!

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